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Legacy Planning

Preparation is invaluable when it comes to your legacy. You get to decide what happens after your passing, who receives what, how it is dispersed, who pays the taxes, if any, and so much more. In order to preserve the legacy you worked so hard for, a plan is needed. We work with clients to ensure that they are prepared before their time comes. Your legacy is not what you leave behind, it is what you pass along. Our legacy planning reflects your ideals and values that you have cultivated throughout the course of your unique life and work to do it in a tax efficient way.

Our Legacy Planning Process

  • Multi-generational Success – We work with you now to create a legacy that can last for generations to come. There are few people who have been able to pass on a legacy that lasts for generations. Many family legacies fizzle out as time goes on. The key to success is proper legacy planning.
  • Discovery – We discover not only what you have in terms of financial assets and monetary value, we discover what it is that you have that you want to pass on to your heirs in terms of values, traditions, and the like. Preserve not only your wealth but your life as a whole.
  • Mitigate Tax Implications – We work with individuals to mitigate tax implications as a part of the legacy planning process. Taxes are an inescapable part of life, but with strategic planning, we can alleviate some of the concerns.
  • Whole Life Coverage – Utilizing life insurance and other kinds of insurance is a key component in successful legacy planning. Provide for your family after you pass on and ensure that they have the tools they need to continue your legacy.
  • Tell Your Story – True legacy planning puts emphasis on the individual’s values, traditions, lifestyle, and heritage. We collect and pass on your story to your next of kin.
  • Family & Heir Education – Working with families to understand the implications of inheritance is part of the legacy planning process. Preparing them in advance ensures that your legacy will be protected.